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Be aware that you cannot export livestock to some countries.

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Veterinary Handbook App

The Veterinary Handbook for cattle, sheep and goats app is now available for download!

The Veterinary Handbook app is a mobile phone/tablet resource that includes information on the diagnosis, treatment, prevention and associated syndromes of diseases in cattle, sheep and goats.

The Veterinary Handbook app is available on iTunes and Google Play for download onto iPhone, iPad or Android phone or tablet.

Apple Devices:      Click here to download from iTunes
Android DevicesClick here to download from Google Play

Website:                 Coming soon

To read more about the Veterinary Handbook app click here. 

Livestock Export Industry

The live export industry is an important component of the Australian agricultural sector and contributes an average of $1 billion in export earnings annually to the Australian economy. The live export industry also employs approximately 13,000 people, mainly in regional and rural Australia and provides significant employment opportunities to indigenous people across northern Australia. Find out more

LiveCorp jointly funds programs in research, development and extension and technical services to support the continuous improvement of the live export industry. These programs include; animal welfare, supply chain and market access. Find out more


Australia’s livestock export industry conference – taking innovation, change and animal welfare to the world.

LIVEXchange 2013 Conference was held at Jupiter’s Casino, Townsville from October 30 to November 1 2013.

While the livestock export industry is well known, few understand its complexities, its challenges and the opportunities for future growth. The Conference provided an opportunity for producers, exporters and the wider sector to gain new insights into the current challenges, demonstrate how it has changed, the future opportunities for the livestock export industry and the plans for future change.

The LIVEXchange orgnising committee would like to thank the sponsors, speakers and delegates for their support and contribution to the Conference.

Further details of the Conference and speaker presentations are available now at the LIVEXchange website