Vessel heat stress technology trial

Project Code:  Vessel heat stress technology trial - dehumidification report
Vessel heat stress technology trial - literature review

Year Published: 2019

In 2018, LiveCorp began a project to explore technologies that could reduce the risk of hot and humid conditions on livestock transport ships. With funding from the Australian Government, LiveCorp initiated a trial in 2019 to assess commercial dehumidification equipment under realistic livestock export operating conditions - the first field study conducted of its kind.

Dehumidification is fundamentally different from the ventilation system on all livestock vessels currently operating from Australia. It involves a shift from using ambient air with high air exchange rates, to the use of dehumidified air with much lower air exchange rates. A summary of the report can also be viewed here

A literature review was also commissioned to provide a better understanding of closed livestock housing ventilation systems across a range of agricultural settings, with a particular focus on the use of dehumidification technologies. The review was also tasked to identify any risks and risk mitigation strategies associated with moving livestock acclimatized to a controlled housing environment to an uncontrolled housing environment.

Keywords: Cattle, Sheep, Goats, Dairy, On-board/transport, Heat stress/Ventilation

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