Preparation of rangeland goats for live export

Project Code:  W.LIV.0159

Year of Published: 2016

Management of wild goats through the live export chain has in the past been problematic for the live export industry. Variation in management practices prior to export has meant it was difficult to pin-point reasons for variation in consignment performance and as such since 2008 there has been a restriction on exporter licenses which bans the long haul shipment of goats by sea.

This project identified a number of management knowledge gaps in the goat live export supply chain, particularly in the pre export preparation phase of wild captured goats. In consultation with industry, these knowledge gaps were developed into research priorities. This project sought to address these priorities with the aim of minimising the risks and barriers associated with long haul shipment of goats. 

Keywords: Goats, Domestic, Disease, Transport, On-farm, Other, Feedlot, Farm, Air-Freight, Mortalilty, Performance

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