Livestock Global Assurance Program

Year Published: 2016

The Livestock Global Assurance Program (LGAP) is a joint research project being conducted by LiveCorp and Meat & Livestock Australia that is focused on developing a global conformity assessment program that protects the welfare of animals and fosters continual improvement and the attainment of best practice.

The project builds on key learnings from past research and is currently in the development stage. Once there has been an opportunity to pilot and assess the Program, the live export industry will decide on implementation. If implemented, the primary function of LGAP would be to ensure animals are treated in accordance with international guidelines, in any market and at all stages within a supply chain.

LGAP aims to demonstrate the professionalism of the livestock export industry, its commitment to animal welfare and its dedication to continual improvement, as well as ensuring the continuation of the trade.

The proposed structure of LGAP aims to do more for improving the welfare of all animals in foreign markets than ESCAS, as it is not being limited in scope to just Australian livestock. The Program encourages developing markets to improve their animal welfare practices by offering different levels of requirements and a pathway to improvement.

In-market facilities would more immediately accountable for their activities, while the responsibility currently borne by exporters under ESCAS would not be diluted. Australian exporters would continue to be subject to Australian Government export regulation, LGAP would be a means for them to more effectively demonstrate and ensure compliance with the principles of ESCAS.

Keywords: Cattle, Sheep, Goats, Dairy, On-board/transport, In-market, Transport, Discharge, On-farm, ESCAS

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