Improving standing stun restraint in Indonesia

Project Code:  W.LIV.0397
W.LIV.0397 Addendum

Year of Published: 2013

The task of retro fitting the Mark 1 restraining box came about as a result of real concerns expressed by the Australian cattle industry in relation to the supply chain issues and humane slaughter of Australian cattle in Indonesia. The specific issue of concern related to the improper use of the Mark 1 restraining box.

The original purpose of this project was to develop, install, and validate to OIE standards; modifications to the existing Mark 1 restraining box to allow it to be used for either stun or stick of bovine animals in the upright position. This objective was modified after the project commenced so as to align with the Australian industries preferred option of stunning livestock prior to slaughter. Whilst slaughter without stunning is condoned in the OIE guidelines it is the view of the Australian industry that stunning prior to slaughter represents a more humane and more efficient method of slaughter.

Keywords: Cattle, In-market, Lairage/ Point of slaughter, Regulation, ESCAS, ASEL

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