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Practical Ventilation Measures for Livestock Vessels
Project Code:  LIVE.0211

Year Published: 2002

This study was undertaken as a result of the report “Investigation of ventilation efficacy on livestock vessels” that identified the need for practical measures to be identified to improve ventilation and/or reduce the cost of ventilation on livestock vessels.

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Investigation of the Ventilation Efficacy on Livestock Vessels
Project Code:  SBMR.002

Year Published: 2001

The purpose of ventilation in livestock vessels is to maintain environments appropriate to the physiological needs of the livestock. This report is the culmination of a study initiated by the livestock export industry to improve the scientific and engineering knowledge base on matters of livestock vessel ventilation.

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Automatic Counting of Sheep
Project Code:  LIVE.0106

Year Published: 2001

The study evaluated technologies for automatically counting live sheep as they are loaded on and off ships. The technologies investigated included machine vision, radio frequency tags, and races capable of counting singular sheep mechanically

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Influence of Pre-delivery Management on Livestock Performance: Desk Top Study
Project Code:  LIVE.0104A

Year Published: 2001

This project examined the effect of livestock management during the pre-embarkation on animal performance throughout the remainder of the export process with a specific focus on management at the farm of origin to discharge at registered premises for both sheep and cattle.

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Use of Electrolytes to Alleviate Stress: Desk Top Study
Project Code:  LIVE.0104B

Year Published: 2001

The study reviewed the scientific literature and live export industry practices in relation to electrolyte supplementation of sheep and cattle during sea transportation as a result of the previous studies 'Investigation of ventilation efficacy on livestock vessels".

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Saudi Arabian Live Sheep Trade Trial

Project Code: LIVE.103
Year Published: 2000

This report provided an overview of issues that emerged during the third and fourth live sheep export trial shipments to Saudi Arabia. Issues included feed, stocking density and sourcing sheep.

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Controlling Scabby Mouth in the Live Sheep Trade
Project Code:  LIVE.101

Year Published: 2000

Scabby mouth is a common disease found in all sheep-raising countries, the disease rarely causes problems of economic significance in Australia, and is usually not observed by producers. This study was undertaken to establish the effectiveness of a vaccination in controlling scabby mouth in live sheep trade.

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