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Community expectations of industries across the board have never been higher in Australia. Recognising the importance of understanding what these expectations are and how to engage people on the issues that matter to them, LiveCorp has commissioned a project to investigate the drivers of community trust in the livestock export industry.

The research is being conducted by Voconiq, a CSIRO spin out company that has worked for many years in mining and resources, and more recently with the egg industry, to bridge the gap with the communities they work alongside.

After talking to a range of individuals and organisations to understand an industry and how it is viewed by those both for and against, the team will survey 5,000 people across the country. This will identify what community members think about a broad range of issues related to the industry, and why they think that way. In turn, the work will provide a guide on how to build trust and acceptance among the Australian community.  

A key focus is to broaden out the conversation from single issues to a deeper reflection on how the livestock export industry operates and contributes to Australian society, and communities around the world. This will also highlight where there are information gaps in community understanding, and how to engage people more effectively.

From previous similar work with different industries, Voconiq has identified several key elements that inform how trusted and accepted an industry is within the community:

  • A strong value proposition – whether the economic and other benefits outweigh the costs
  • Governance – whether people feel the rules, and institutions that enforce them, reflect community concerns and interests
  • Fairness – whether the benefits an industry creates are fairly distributed and how responsive to community concern an industry is perceived to be.
The project will find out what this story looks like for the livestock export industry.

Providing the industry with a greater understanding of the context surrounding key issues, as well as the opportunities to address community concerns, will allow more constructive conversations, whether that’s with the regulator, at the pub or a barbeque, or on social media.

The Australian Livestock Export Industry

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