LiveCorp through the Livestock Export Program (LEP) invests in RD&E to enhance the productivity, sustainability and competitiveness of the livestock export industry and to support an industry culture of continuous innovation, improvement and growth.
A Guide to Dairy Herd Management

Year of Published: 2011

This manual highlights the important dairy herd management practices required to ensure animal welfare and reduce undue stress on unadapted, high genetic merit dairy heifers once they arrive at their new destination.

Download:  A-Guide-to-Dairy-Herd-Management.pdf

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South East Asian Cattle Breeding Guide

Year of Published: 2010

This guide identifies key management issues that can assist beef producers and animal advisers to maximise the performance and welfare of Australian animals in south-east Asia.

Download:  south east asian cattle breeding guide - english.pdf
south-east asian cattle feedlot manual bahasa.pdf

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Manual for South East Asian Cattle Feedlots

Year of Published: 2012

The manual provides comprehensive information on husbandry and management practices for Australian cattle managed within south-east Asian feedlots as well as an overview of the live export process.

Download:  Manual-for-South-East-Asian-Cattle-Feedlots.pdf

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South East Asia Cattle Feedlot Treatment Guide

Year of Published: 2012

This guide identifies key management techniques that can assist feedlot staff to maximise the performance and animal welfare of Australian animals in south-east Asian feedlots.

Download:  South-East-Asia-Cattle-Feedlot-Treatment-Guide-English.pdf

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Do's and don'ts guide of livestock handling

Year of Published: 2008

This manual is an illustrative guide for animal handlers working with cattle, sheep and goats.

Download:  Dos-Donts-Guide-of-Livestock-Handling-English.pdf

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Livestock Handling Guide

Year of Published: 2008

This guide highlights the importance of understanding and communicating effectively with animals to ultimately improve animal welfare and productivity in the Middle East and Africa.

Download:  Livestock-Handling-Guide-English.pdf

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Is It Fit to Load in the Middle East?

Year of Published: 2008

This illustrative guide is designed to assist in the identification of the types of stock that should not be transported or that require special consideration and treatment throughout the export process. The guide is designed to ensure the health and welfare of livestock during transportation.

Download:  is it fit to load in the middle east.pdf

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Is it fit to export?

Year of Published: 2007

This guide is designed to assist exporters comply with the Australian Standards for the Export of Livestock (ASEL) and identify animals that are unfit to load for export. The guide complements ASEL and assists in the maintenance of assists in the maintenance of high standards of animal health and welfare.

Download:  is it fit to export.pdf

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Australian Goat Manual for Malaysian farmers

Year of Published: 2008

This manual details husbandry and management practices for Malaysian farmers that import and care for meat, dairy and fibre producing goats from Australia. The handbook topics include; farm planning, breeding and raising goats, nutrition and health.

Download:  Australian-Goat-Manual-for-Malaysian-Farmers-English.pdf

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Best practice use of veterinary drugs

Year of Published: 2008

This manual is a ‘glove-box’ guide for exporters, managers of live export assembly depots, Masters and Chief Officers of livestock ships and stockpersons working with cattle, sheep and goats exported from Australia. The manual comprises a description of the ‘best practice’ use of veterinary drugs and chemicals including; storage, record keeping, off-label use, inventory control and the disposal of unwanted drugs. The manual also lists of common veterinary drugs uses for live export cattle, sheep and goats as well as a description of recommended injection techniques. Updated information may be found within the ‘Veterinary Handbook for the Live Export Industry’ published in 2012.

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The Australian Livestock Export Industry

LiveCorp works closely with industry stakeholders to continuously improve performance in animal health and welfare, supply chain efficiency and market access through the provision of technical services and research, development and extension (RD&E).
Australian livestock can only be exported by a licensed Australian exporter and cannot be exported to all countries. If you would like to export livestock from Australia you can contact an exporter by submitting a trade enquiry below.

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