Manual of Designs for the Handling and Slaughter of Cattle, Sheep and Goats

Download:  MLA-Abattoir-Manual-Feb-2019-HIGHRES.pdf

Published: 2018

Infrastructure plays an important role in supporting low-stress livestock handling and good animal welfare during livestock export. This manual, produced by LiveCorp and Meat & Livestock Australia (MLA), provides advice to inform decisions about the design and construction of livestock handling, yarding and slaughter infrastructure.

The manual contains plans, three-dimensional drawings, descriptive text and photos which can be used in updating or establishing new facilities that need to be ESCAS compliant. Designs cover all parts of the overseas supply chain for cattle, sheep and goats – including ports, farms, feedlots, trucks and abattoirs.
Extensive consultation was undertaken, and the manual takes into account issues including:

  • The principles of low-stress stock handling and natural livestock behaviour
  • Compliance with international animal welfare standards (particularly the World Organisation for Animal Health, the OIE)
  • Compliance with Australian livestock export welfare standards (the Exporter Supply Chain Assurance System)
  • The high cost and scarcity of suitable land for livestock production and abattoirs in destination countries
  • The best use of locally available construction and fabrication materials
  • The need to be able to process local and imported cattle using the same facilities
  • The safety of the people working in the facilities
  • The colour and shelf life of the processed meat.
Complete computer-aided design (CAD) files are also available by contacting Sharon Dundon - Project Manager - Live Export Research and Development at [email protected].

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