Transparency Challenge

The Transparency Challenge was to produce short videos to showcase the industry’s continuous improvement. The videos were voted on for a People's Choice Award at LIVEXchange 2019. 
HALLEEN - An Indonesia video

Year Published: 2019

Opening new supply chains and developing markets. Halleen have been actively involved in developing new supply chains in areas of Indonesia that were previously not accessed by Australian exporters. This process has come with several challenges namely in upgrading or building facilities which have the infrastructure to meet ESCAS standards as well as a training both Importer and facility staff to follow ESCAS compliant practices. 

AUSTREX - Great animal welfare starts with great, skilled people

Year Published: 2019

AUSTREX is supporting accredited stockperson, Alexandra Snape, part of the AUSTREX Southern breeder and dairy cattle operations team, on a co-operative project with a major international ship owner/operator to up-skill their ship crews in the latest animal husbandry and handling knowledge. The best assurance of great animal welfare outcomes is assuring the industry is developing and supporting great people with great values and great animal husbandry and welfare skills.

ILE - The Kimberley-Pilbara story

Year Published: 2019

The Kimberly and Pilbara cattle production system is unique and almost entirely reliant on the livestock export industry. The ability to move large volumes and various types of stock is critical for this region and underpins the value of properties and the communities of the region. The Cattle Collective and the Kimberley-Pilbara Cattleman's Association, joined ILE, in sharing this unique story. 

JJAA (CPC) - An Indonesian abattoir: The story of Z-Beef

Year Published: 2019

The live trade in Indonesia has had the challenge of shifting away from the traditional method of slaughter to slaughtering under the regulations of ESCAS while still meeting religious requirements and remaining economically viable. This is the story of a local abattoir in Bandar Lampung called Z-Beef and its staff. 

JJAA (CPC) - Live export supply chain: the people

Year Published: 2019

A key factor to the sustainability of the live export industry is to maintain a social license. JJAA brings you the story of people throughout the supply chain in importing countires, many of whom have spent 10 to 20 years caring for Australian cattle, and are very skilled in what they do. 

KPCA - The KPCA 2019 Livestock Handling Cup

Year Published: 2019

The KPCA Livestock Handling Cup is a unique competition that brings teams from a broad range of Northern WA Pastoral operations together in a competitive and continuous improvement environment to demonstrate skills in relation to low/no-stress stock handling. 

LSS - Why live export and the chilled trade are complementary

Year Published: 2019

Livestock Shipping Services (LSS) has a unique story to tell about how it combines multiple businesses live export, feedlots, feed mills and on-shore abattoir are complementary to one another, rather than in competition. 

Phoenix Exports - Life in a Pilbara feedlot

Year Published: 2019

These are the challenges of a feedlot operator in the Pilbara brought about by the changes to the live cattle export industry after the 2011 Indonesian cattle suspension. This video talks to the persistence of the operators at Hedland Export Depot. 

RETWA - The Sheep Collective Story

Year Published: 2019

RETWA has been the major supporter and funding partner of The Sheep Collective. This video aims to share the The Sheep Collective story as a case study to demonstrate the power of story telling and successes by showing the examples of stories we created. 

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