Dairy Cattle Statistics

In 2017, Australia’s export of dairy cattle totalled 51,976 head and was valued at A$ 101 million FOB. In comparison, Australia exported 67,192 dairy cattle in 2016 which were valued at A$ 117.5 million FOB. Therefore, Australia’s export of dairy cattle in 2017 declined 18% on export volumes in the previous calendar year.

The largest importing markets of Australian dairy cattle were:

  • China taking 35,472 head (68.2% of all dairy cattle exports);
  • Pakistan, taking 6,665 head (12.8% of all dairy cattle exports); and
  • Indonesia taking 2,365 head (4.6% of all dairy cattle exports).
(Source: Australian Bureau of Statistics)

The latest monthly dairy cattle export statistics by country of destination and by port of loading are available in the publication LiveLink (produced by Meat & Livestock Australia) that can be accessed here.

A yearly summary of dairy cattle export statistics by destination can be downloaded here.

Statistics for total dairy cattle exports in previous years, from the Australian Government Department of Agriculture and Water Resources, can be found here

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