Industry Statistics

In 2017, Australia exported a total of 2,845,802 live cattle (beef and dairy), sheep and goats that were valued at $1.4 billion FOB. Of the livestock exported, there were:

  • 826,214 head of beef cattle;
  • 51,976 head of dairy cattle;
  • 1,953,918 head of sheep; and
  • 13,694 head of goats.

Our largest export markets (by volume) in 2017 were:

  • Kuwait taking 646,822 sheep and 604 cattle (22.7% of all exported livestock);
  • Qatar taking 640,000 sheep and 1,648 cattle (22.5% of all exported livestock); and
  • Indonesia taking 509,972 cattle, 24 sheep and 7 goats (18% of all exported livestock). 

(Source: Australian Bureau of Statistics)

For species-specific information, on cattle, sheep, goats or dairy cattle, click the links below or visit the Meat & Livestock Australia statistics page, by clicking here

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Looking For More Information?

The Australian Bureau of Statistics publishes quarterly data on the number of livestock exported from Australia, as well as domestic livestock numbers.
The Australian Government Department of Agriculture and Water Resources publishes monthly data on the number of cattle, sheep, buffalo, goats and alpacas exported overseas as well as the associated transport mortality rates and actions were taken by the Secretary in response to any livestock mortalities from sea voyages.
Meat & Livestock Australia (MLA) publishes a monthly report on the statistics trends in the live animal export industry. The publication is known as LiveLink.  

The Australian Livestock Export Industry

LiveCorp works closely with industry stakeholders to continuously improve performance in animal health and welfare, supply chain efficiency and market access through the provision of technical services and research, development and extension (RD&E).
Australian livestock can only be exported by a licensed Australian exporter and cannot be exported to all countries. If you would like to export livestock from Australia you can contact an exporter by submitting a trade enquiry below.

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