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6 August 2020 - Independent chair to lead live export research
An independent Chair has been appointed to guide Australia’s live export research program in meeting the constantly evolving social and economic challenges faced by the industry.
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8 June 2020 - New Blueprint to guide livestock export R&D
The research, development and extension (RD&E) priorities for Australia’s livestock export sector are outlined in the newly released RD&E Blueprint for the Livestock Export Program (LEP).
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24 April 2020 - Strategic response to COVID-19
The livestock export industry has been refining and practicing its crisis management planning over the past year, and it’s paying off in this time of COVID-19.
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24 March 2020 - Stockies accreditation fast-tracked
Accreditation of livestock handlers is being fast-tracked to ensure enough experienced staff are available to protect the welfare of sheep and cattle on live export vessels.
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28 January 2020 - Analysis of the impact of live sheep export moratorium
A report released today examines how the 3-4 month halt to live sheep exports to the Middle East in both 2018 and 2019 affected people and businesses involved in the trade, particularly in Western Australia. Carried out by Mecardo for LiveCorp and Meat & Livestock Australia, the project involved interviews with more than 60 participants along the supply chain. 
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1 November 2019 - LIVEXchange 2019: Livestock exporters dig deep at charity auction
The livestock export industry has raised more than $40,000 at its annual gala dinner charity auction, to be shared between the Royal Flying Doctor Service (RFDS) Queensland and the Cowboys Community Foundation. The event was the culmination of LIVEXchange 2019, the industry’s national conference, which was held in Townsville from 30-31 October.
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31 October 2019 - LIVEXchange 2019: A leader celebrated amongst livestock exporters
Australia’s livestock exporters have celebrated the achievements of one of their finest at the industry’s annual Gala Dinner, held in Townsville as part of the LIVEXchange 2019 conference. Raoul (Roly) Nieper AM was named a Lifetime Achiever and inducted into the industry’s Hall of Fame, reflecting his long-standing contribution to the industry, including as LiveCorp Chair from 2004 to 2013.
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29 October 2019 - ​Troy Setter elected LiveCorp Chair
Troy Setter has been elected as the new Chair of the livestock export industry’s research and development body, LiveCorp, following the annual general meeting in Townsville.
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16 October 2019 - ​Dehumidification trial proves potential
In a first for the industry, LiveCorp ran a trial of dehumidification technology on an empty livestock export vessel which has shown that it can be effective in reducing temperature and humidity, but not at the level that makes it a practical solution at the moment.
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16 September 2019 - ​Analysis confirms value of live sheep exports to WA
The importance of live exports to Western Australia’s sheep industry has been confirmed by new research showing nearly 30% of sheep and lamb turnoff went into the trade over the past five years.

Analysis carried out by Mecardo, funded by LiveCorp and Meat & Livestock Australia, shows that nationally, almost half of all revenue generated by live exports is retained on farm, earning producers around $100 million per year on average.
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15 August 2019 - ​LIVEXchange 2019: Cowboys and Doctors to benefit from LIVEXchange
The livestock export industry has chosen two local organisations to benefit from the charity auction at its national conference in Townsville in October – the Cowboys Community Foundation and the Royal Flying Doctor Service (RFDS).
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29 July 2019 - ​LIVEXchange 2019: Consumer trends accelerate in developing countries
The internet is having an impact on what we buy as well as how we buy it, with social media accelerating awareness of social and environmental issues in all countries, particularly with younger consumers.

Emeritus Professor David Hughes, a global food industry expert at Imperial College London, says these days, 20-somethings have more in common with their age group across the globe than they do with their parents’ generation.
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11 July 2019 - ​Dehumidification trial data being crunched
LiveCorp has completed its ‘static’ dehumidification trial in the Middle East and is now crunching the numbers to help to determine whether the technology has commercial potential as a heat stress mitigation tool for the industry.
An empty ship was moored in Dubai for a week while dehumidification units set up on the wharf pumped modified air into several decks to test the impact on temperature and humidity.
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12 June 2019 - ​LIVEXchange 2019: Welfare beyond borders
In a time of change and re-calibration for the livestock export industry, more than 400 delegates are expected to attend the national conference, LIVEXchange 2019: Welfare beyond borders, in Townsville later this year.
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7 May 2019 - ​Dehumidification trial begins for livestock vessels
The first step in trialling dehumidification and other technology on livestock export vessels is underway, with environmental monitoring equipment being installed on a ship in Fremantle this week.  Terry Enright, Chair of the industry’s research and development body, LiveCorp, said the project has the potential to substantially shift the paradigm for the industry, but is high risk research which still has to be proven on a livestock vessel.
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