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11 July 2019 - ​Dehumidification trial data being crunched
LiveCorp has completed its ‘static’ dehumidification trial in the Middle East and is now crunching the numbers to help to determine whether the technology has commercial potential as a heat stress mitigation tool for the industry.
An empty ship was moored in Dubai for a week while dehumidification units set up on the wharf pumped modified air into several decks to test the impact on temperature and humidity.
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12 June 2019 - ​LIVEXchange 2019: Welfare beyond borders
In a time of change and re-calibration for the livestock export industry, more than 400 delegates are expected to attend the national conference, LIVEXchange 2019: Welfare beyond borders, in Townsville later this year.
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7 May 2019 - ​Dehumidification trial begins for livestock vessels
The first step in trialling dehumidification and other technology on livestock export vessels is underway, with environmental monitoring equipment being installed on a ship in Fremantle this week.  Terry Enright, Chair of the industry’s research and development body, LiveCorp, said the project has the potential to substantially shift the paradigm for the industry, but is high risk research which still has to be proven on a livestock vessel.
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