Directors of the LiveCorp Board

Terry Enright

Mr Enright is a Western Australian primary producer and as well as operating a successful farming operation with sheep, beef cattle and grain, he maintains a leading role in the administration of agricultural research in the grains industry.

Mr Enright has served in a number of Agriculture-related positions including as Chairman of the Grains Research and Development Corporation, Chairman of the Council of Rural Research Corporations, a commissioner of the Export Wheat Commission, a Director of Barley Australia and Chairman of the Albany Port Authority.

Mr Enright is currently a Director of the Western Australia Crawford Fund, Chairman of the Australian Export Grains Innovation Centre, Chairman of the Advisory Board for the Institute of Agriculture at the University of WA, Chairman of Future Seed Technology Company and Chairman of the Grains, Legumes and Nutritional Council.

Lisa Dwyer

Mrs Dwyer is a primary producer in Hawkesdale in Western Victoria and as well as operating a successful dairy operation with a beef and dairy heifer export enterprise, she is a dairy industry leader with extensive experience in the engagement and representation of multiple groups and concentrates on strong governance, animal welfare and strategic input.

Mrs Dwyer was a Director of Dairy Australia Limited and is currently a Director of Murray Goulburn Co-operative Co Ltd, Managing Director of Kangertong Farming Pty Ltd and a member of the Victorian Government’s Regional Development Partnership.

Angus Adnam

Mr Adnam is an Australian livestock exporter with an extensive background in the red meat and livestock sector, trade finance and international marketing and government relations.

Mr Adnam was a Director of the Australian Livestock Exporters’ Council (ALEC), Director of Beef Australia Ltd., Chairman of Flinders Land Access Advisory Board, President of the Queensland Livestock Export Association and President of the Northern Territory Livestock Export Association.  He is currently Managing Director of AAA Livestock Services Pty Ltd and Vice President of the Royal National Agricultural and Industrial Association of Queensland Council.

Melissa Holzberger

Ms Holzberger is a commercial lawyer with over 18 years’ experience in advising highly regulated entities on legal, strategic and commercial aspects of projects and business operations, including international trade, business development, marketing of commodities, logistics, stakeholder engagement, corporate governance, compliance and risk management.
Ms Holzberger is currently a director of Tyre Stewardship Australia and a member of the Federal Government’s Australian Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety Agency’s Radiation Health and Safety Advisory Council. Ms Holzberger was formerly Deputy Chair of Karting Australia to May 2017.

Michael Gordon

Mr Gordon has over 35 years’ experience as an exporter, feedlot and ship operator, principally to Middle Eastern markets. Mr Gordon is the General Manager and Executive Director of Rural Export & Trading (WA) Pty Ltd, a wholly owned subsidiary of Kuwait importer and ship owner, Livestock Transport and Trading Co. He is currently a Director for the Australian Livestock Export Reserve Fund and an industry representative on the Livestock Export Research and Development Advisory Committee. 

Simon Crean
Ex-Officio Director

Mr Crean served as the Member for Hotham in the Australian Parliament from 1990 to 2013. During this time, Mr Crean was leader of the Australian Labor Party and Federal Leader of the Opposition and held various ministerial portfolios, including as Minister for Primary Industries and Energy, Minister for Trade and most recently, Minister for Regional Australia, Regional Development and Local Government. Prior to joining politics, Mr Crean worked in a number of trade unions and was President of the Australian Council of Trade Unions from 1985 to 1990. Mr Crean was elected Chairman of the Australian Livestock Exporters’ Council in October 2014. Mr Crean joined the LiveCorp Board as an Ex-Officio Director in October 2014.

The Australian Livestock Export Industry

LiveCorp works closely with industry stakeholders to continuously improve performance in animal health and welfare, supply chain efficiency and market access through the provision of technical services and research, development and extension (RD&E).
Australian livestock can only be exported by a licensed Australian exporter and cannot be exported to all countries. If you would like to export livestock from Australia you can contact an exporter by submitting a trade enquiry below.

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